The use of video games in the educational process is a challenge for European educational systems, which now pay great attention in the development of skills and competences of the use of technology.

The power of video game consoles in every day teaching

One of the most common means for video game engagement are the gaming consoles. Consoles became very successful during the mid 1970s. According to a report of Casual Connect in 2013, 63% of gamers under 12 years old possess at least one console. Arguments against console use in classroom are the lack of educational content, the lack of support for physical movement and their high price. From the other hand, the fact that technology has become more accessible to bigger audiences has increased people’s interest in video game consoles.

New consoles also target larger target groups, of different ages and sexes and encourage physical movement with the use of new innovative controls. Due to the increased interest in console gaming, there are more and more game designers that created educational games.

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By George Kalmpourtzis – Lead Educational Games Designer