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The continuous development of technological advances and their introduction to the daily life of students and parents raises the question of technology’s impact in educational systems more now than ever. Video games, as a part of technology revolution, are also part of students’ daily life. Because of this, during the previous decade there has been an increased academic interest in the field of educational games.

How games can support learning experiences

Video games, being a new tool in the educational process have been viewed both with skepticism and enthusiasm. There are teachers and parents that view video games as shallow commercial products that are linked to violence and have no educational value. On the other hand, there are teachers and parents that view video games as a new potential pedagogical tool that could be introduced in classrooms in a variety of ways helping students develop competences important for the 21st century.

Things will be much easier when people understand that video games are not different from any other game, like hide and seek or chess. The basic elements and principles of these games are the same, while the main element that changes is the means that they are implemented and presented. The role of play in classroom has been recognized as very important since the ancient years and almost all pedagogic theories support this notion.

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By George Kalmpourtzis – Lead Educational Games Designer

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