Game design & Creativity

George Land and Beth Jarman in their book Breakpoint and Beyond: Mastering the Future Today, present their famous experiment with the paper clip. The researchers wanted to examine the resourcefulness of the over a thousand students during their life in a school environment. In order to do so, they performed the same test to the […]

How games can support learning experiences

The continuous development of technological advances and their introduction to the daily life of students and parents raises the question of technology’s impact in educational systems more now than ever. Video games, as a part of technology revolution, are also part of students’ daily life. Because of this, during the previous decade there has been […]

Augmented reality for the development of spatial thinking

Find the Jackalop is a treasure hunt game, using the latest technological advancements in order to create an intrinsically learning experience. The game is based on the principle of teaching spatial thinking concepts, emphasizing in mental representations, transformations, reference systems and giving and receiving spatial related information as well as working with maps. The game […]

Education : la réalité augmentée pour apprendre à se localiser

A la recherche du Jackalop est un jeu de chasse au trésor, utilisant les dernières avancées technologiques pour créer une expérience d’apprentissage intrinsèque. Ce jeu est basé sur les concepts de la représentation dans l’espace, en instant sur la représentation mentale, les transformations, les systèmes de référence, la réception d’informations de localisation, et l’utilisation de plans. […]